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Planning Your Wedding? How Expensive It Should Be?

How much money to spend is totally up to you. Getting married is day of joy, but most couples will admit that marriage can be accompanied by lot of stress. As getting over with family drama after years of hard work, and finally decided to marry person you love. Throwing weddings are very expensive; it doesn’t have to be expensive. Follow these points to avoid paying lot of money on wedding day. Save yourself from debt on day of your wedding.

Right place 

Suppose you live in California, you can find some affordable places such as gorgeous wedding venues in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Palm Springs, etc. These are some beautiful affordable places to get married. Choose right venue for yourself, people often take payday loan in California for this event. As they want this day to be best day of their life and money can not cause problems in an event. 


Making recommendations on how expensive wedding should be is tricky as it varies from couple to couple, and their ways of spending money. Each wedding is unique and beautiful; you don’t have to spend money on traditions. You should align expenses with your income, expenses, and other financial status. You don’t want to start new life with your partner in debt. Book venue off-season will save you 25%. Hire a DJ instead of full band that will save you 50%. You can choose two areas important for you, focus on them, and let everything else come together afterward. Organize event yourself or hire someone who can do it for you.

Breaking Down Budget

While making household budget you think how much money is to spend on one category. Like rent, dining out, food, electricity and other resources. Same holds for weddings, while some costs remains fixed, sorting out your priorities. More you know what important, more accurate budget you will make is. Don’t count unnecessary things on list.

Most expensive cost item is venue; you sometimes need to pay venue rental prices and extra money for space for ceremony. That is usually 20% of expense. Another item is catering, you can choose four or five-course menu, add coffee times, snack bars and cocktail hours. Calculate this with number of guests you have, that’s also 20% of expenses. Count members and book service accordingly and some extra for backup.

10% of expense is in photography and videographer as you want every moment to be captured well.

Other 40% is distributed in flowering, decorations, music, entertainment, beauty services (makeup), stationery and gifts. 

We strongly recommend keeping some extra money as a backup, if things don’t work according to plan you can use that amount. You can borrow this money if you don’t have more money from friends and family. Also, you can apply for payday loan in California which will provide you money in short period.

Go Forth And Get Married

Wedding is most special day in someone’s life. Better you know about expenses more you will save. Spend your money wisely and avoid starting a new life with your partner in debt. Make good budget plan and follow through.

Follow these tips so you can save money and organize your wedding well. 

Even if they are easy to obtain, payday loans online should be taken with care and responsibility, No matter if you live in San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or anywhere else in California you can always request a payday loan online 24/7 here