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Online Payday Loans in North Dakota (ND)

North Dakota lies is in the center of the North American Continent and covers the area of 70, 704 sq miles. This is the state infamous for its rugged terrain, consisting of Red river valley, Drift Prairies and Missouri Plateau. It has sprawling grasslands and farms.It prepares the people for tougher terrains of life.The difficult terrain makes people physically strong, men here are usually tanned and muscular.It is believed to make Teddy Roosevelt to be one like the locals. The climate is also harsh, it has long winters and short hot summers just like continental climate.

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It is the food basket of America

ND ranks number one in producing spring wheat, durum wheat. It is leading peoducer of honey and sunflower besides barley, oats, lentils, flaxseeds, potatoes and corns.

Booming Economy

Agriculture is the backbone of ND and it supports 30, 000 families.Farms nearly cover 90% of the state’s land. The reserves of oil has boosted the economy to quite a great extent. This state has the lowest unemployment rate. It is believed there are times when there are 5 opportunities for job to a single person. Earlier youngsters from ND used to go to California and Washington in search of job, but now ND is the center of attraction for job seekers. People from metropolis are coming in search of job to ND. It is changing at a very faster pace, roads are being rebuilt and broadened.

With the booming economy , the dreams too become bigger. There can be some caught in the difficult situation. Suppose you are a rancher and one of your cows gets suddenly hurt, so you have to arrange for the vet. Once the vet is called and medical attention is given, you realize that you have spent money kept aside for the grocery. For some time you go numb, then smile breaks on your lips when the payday loan comes to your mind.

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Payday Loans in North Dakota

Payday loan is a short term loan that can be availed against the regular monthly income. Anybody who has attained the age of 18 years and who is an American citizen with at least $1,000 as monthly regular income can avail it.


It is easily available at storefront and on digital platform. You can simply walk to a storefront and fill the online loan form, you will be asked to fill your personal information like, social identification number, residence address, phone number etc. Regarding the employment, they require some proof of regular income to be shown. Once the information is verified, the borrower is required to give a post paid cheque with the due amount written in it.
The amount sums out to be principal amount, plus interest, plus the fee of the lender. The cheque is taken to be used if the borrower does not return the money.

Online Payday loan is very easy to avail, just pick up phone, compare the the rate of interest, select the lender, fill the required information, after verifying the information, you are asked to part with your account number and permission for the electronic access of account, so that the due amount is withdrawn from your account on the day promised for the repayment of the loan.

The Legal status of payday loan in ND

Status – Payday loan is legal.
All the lenders are required to be licensed and abide by the rules.
Maximum amount of loan that can be borrowed is$500
Time period for which it can be borrowed – 60 days ar less
Number of loans allowed – any number but they should not amount to more than $600 dollars.
Rollover allowed is one but as such no specific rule has been put in place by the law for the fee and the interest that can be charged for the roll over’s.
Fee that has to be paid
Financing fee that can be charged is 20% of loan amount in addition to data basing fee.
Collection fee that can be charged is $20 for non sufficient funds.
Rollover fee that can be charged is 20% of the remaining loan amount to be paid
Finance charges: A fourteen day loan of $100 can cost $120.