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Payday Loans in SC (South Carolina) | Online Payday Loans SC

Online Payday Loans in South Carolina (SC)

This state of south is deeply rooted in history which makes it stand tall with diversified cultures. It has low country coastline as well as the mountainous upcountry towards the north. The state is studded with the palm trees. The south has the heavy influence of the African culture and the north has its own American culture to be cloaked by. Like the sea and the mountains have nothing in common except they are beautiful in their own way, so both the southern, coastal African and the northern Mountainous American enhance the beauty of this place. The coastal regions are warmer than the Mountainous so this state enjoys both warm and cold weather. The long summers help people to enjoy more outdoor activities. The economy of the state thrives on tourism and manufacturing. The jobs in the sector of technology and service industry keep feeding its economy. Charleston, Hilton and Myrtle beach have gained attention on the international tourist map. The warm beaches with the warm, friendly, sweet people help tourism .South Carolina takes pride in housing headquarters of Denny’s Restaurant chain and Scan Source( global technology product provider).

It is the sunshine state but all is not sunny here. The unemployment rate is higher than the average unemployment rate, what does the cheaper rate of living mean to those who have empty pockets? Life is a costly affair, one needs money to survive. There are some who just live in wait of payday. They keep postponing fulfilling their small desires to tomorrow that never comes. Some are the ones who live the moment, they gel with friends for a vacation, they buy something for their loved ones, they fulfil their small dreams by pampering themselves, getting the much wanted tattoo done or buying the dress on the mannequin. After relishing, they realise they have to pay the price too, the bills to be paid stare hard in the face now, as the money for routine expenditure has been spent . No worries! .

Payday Loan is here!

Payday loan is cash advance taken for a very short period of time against the regular income or pay. Payday loan is available both at the storefront and at the digital platform. Anyone who is an American Citizen/ permanent resident, who has attained the age of 18 years and has a regular income of $1,000 can avail the facility of borrowing through payday.

You just need to apply for loan at storefront by filling the form which requires you to share certain information regarding your name, social security number, address, employment address, name of employer, your job designation and income. All this can be asked for. Once the information filled is verified, you are sanctioned loan and you are asked to part away with the post paid check, with amount filled in it. The due amount will be the principal amount, plus the interest and the fee. This check can be used by the lender if you do not return the money on the day promised.

In case of online form the procedure remains the same, you just need to fill the online form, once the information filled is checked, you are asked to share your account number so that the due amount can be withdrawn on the day promised with the permission of the borrower.The online payment may take 24 hours.

Payday loan is called deferred presentment services

In South Carolina, payday loan is known by the name of deferred presentment services. The payday lenders or companies need to register themselves and must receive license from state board of financial institution. Before entering into an agreement, it is the duty of the payday lender to explain and disclose all the terms, rates, fee clearly to the borrower. There should not be any lacuna or loophole left unexplained. It is the duty of the each lender to see whether the name of the borrower exists in the database or not and whether he has returned the loan before giving him a new one.

  • Legal status: Legal
  • Maximum amount: $550
  • No. of loans allowed: one at a time
  • Maximum loan term: 31 days
  • Finance charges: not more than 15% of the amount advanced
  • Cooling off period: one day
  • Rollovers: Not allowed
  • Non sufficient fund fee should not exceed: $10